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2023 Hybrid IMDS & Product Chemical Compliance Conference


The companies listed below are confirmed exhibitors for 2023 Hybrid IMDS & Product Chemical Compliance Conference as of 6/24/2024.
Total number of exhibitors to date is 6.

To inquire about exhibiting and/or sponsorship opportunities, please contact
Customer Service at or (248) 358-3003.

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AIAG - Booth: 14

The Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) is a globally recognized organization where retailers, automakers, suppliers, service providers, academia and government work collaboratively to streamline industry processes. AIAG members are actively engaged in initiatives geared toward resolving global supply chain issues via the adoption of common business practices and interoperable business systems. AIAG also provides effective communication and consistent delivery of quality requirements, guidelines, best practices and training to the supply base - worldwide. Initiatives developed and implemented by AIAG member companies save the industry millions of dollars annually by driving rework, error and scrap out of the global automotive supply chain.

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Chemwatch Americas LLC - Booth: 16

Chemwatch is a global provider of chemical management software and services for 34+ years. 6,000+ chemical manufacturers, users and suppliers worldwide use our products and services at 150K+ sites, including 6 of the top 20 Fortune 500 companies.

Our Customers access data from 140M+ SDSs with "active SDS data" covering 100+ countries and 48 languages. 70+ data points from each SDS are extracted and updated, including ingredients and physical properties, using our free-of-charge updating service. SDS ingredients are linked by CAS & material name to our regulatory list library containing 7,800+ regulatory lists covering 3.5M+ substances from 100+ countries.

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Global PCCS Private Limited - Booth: 17

Global PCCS is a leader in the compliance & sustainable services and we have been providing services to global manufacturers to comply their products with specific Environmental Regulations such as ELV, SCIP, TSCA, CMRT, CRT, MRT, Prop65, REACH, ROHS, BPR, VOC, POPs, PFAS, LCA, ESG etc. Refer more info

GreenSoft Technology, Inc. - Booth: 11

GreenSoft Technology, Inc. is a leading provider of environmental compliance data services and software for automotive and electronics manufacturers. We provide coverage for IMDS, GADSL, and Full Material Declaration (FMD) data, as well as hands-on data collection and validation for EU RoHS, EU REACH, the SCIP Database, Conflict Minerals, U.S. TSCA, Proposition 65, and other global regulations. GreenData Manager (GDM) software offers due diligence reporting and centralized substance database management. GreenSoft Technology is a one-stop total solution provider. Learn more at

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IPoint-systems Gmbh - Booth: 12

iPoint empowers companies to collect and analyze all necessary data to assess and report the environmental, social, and economic impacts of their products and related processes.

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Makersite - Booth: 4

Makersite's Product Lifecycle Intelligence software integrates cost, sustainability, compliance, and supply chain risk data into a single platform. It enables product engineering, procurement, sustainability and compliance teams to conduct in-depth analyses across multiple factors simultaneously. As a result, teams can collaborate effectively, reducing decision-making time from months to minutes. Manufacturers, like Microsoft, Cummins and Schaeffler use Makersite to automate lifecycle assessments (LCAs) to deliver reports and analysis on compliance, EPDs, PCFs, Scope 1,2 & 3, forecasts and should costs.