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Supply Chain Publication Listing

  • 2D Direct Parts Marking Guideline

    Product Code: B-17

    The 2D Direct Parts Marking Guideline is a comprehensive document focused on current 2D symbology parts identification methods, the common needs of manufacturing and assembly locations and performance capabilities of various marking and scanning technologies. Covering the marking and reading of Data Matrix and/or QR Code symbols marked directly on ...

    Version: 2   Publication Date: Jul, 2009
  • AIAG Pallet and Lid Whitepaper 2010

    Product Code: XD-RC-13

    This white paper lists key problems (Identified in the industry Pallet and Lid Survey) and proposes solutions to reduce the loss of control and visibility of reusable plastic pallets and lids across the automotive industry.

    Version: 1   Publication Date: Mar, 2011
  • Automotive History of Data Identifiers

    Product Code: XD-B-20

    This document summarizes the evolution of the Data Identifier in the automotive industry. It was created to educate users on past and present lessons learned, to assist in expeditiously moving the global industry forward wisely in developing next-generation automatic identification efforts. Recent changes made to the 1st edition, 2nd printing inco...

    Version: 1st edition; 2nd printing   Publication Date: Jan, 2023
  • Automotive History of EDI

    Product Code: XD-E-18

    This document includes key milestones; how EDI added value, reduced cost and improved throughout in business. Additionally, it captures the evolvement of EDI on an international level, reveals important factors influencing decisions, and explains the user benefits.

    Version: 1   Publication Date: Oct, 2007
  • Basics of Export Compliance

    Product Code: XD-TC-7-3

    Does your export compliance program meet industry expectations? Are you developing a new program and unsure of next steps? The world of export compliance is constantly changing as new regulations take effect and existing regulations shift, emphasizing the need to stay sharp and in control of your program. Reviewing the basics can help you increase...

    Version: 3rd Edition, 2nd Printing   Publication Date: Oct, 2018
  • Business Continuity Planning for the Automotive Supply Chain

    Product Code: XD-M-12

    As of September 2023, this guide was updated and validated to continue to aid automotive suppliers in developing their business continuity programs and can be adapted for small, medium, and large organizations. This guide serves as an aid for automotive suppliers in the development of their business continuity programs and can be adapted for small,...

    Version: 1st edition, 2nd printing   Publication Date: Aug, 2023
  • Case Study Using Radio Frequency Identification

    Product Code: XD-B-19

    This case study provides proof that a single Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tag can be used to uniquely identify an Returnable Transport Items (RTI), and potentially the product within the RTI, across the entire supply chain.

    Version: 1   Publication Date: Apr, 2010
  • Container Performance Test Guidelines

    Product Code: XD-RC-9

    Containers come in a lot of different shapes and sizes from a lot of different suppliers. The Container Performance Test Guidelines, RC-9, provide a common test methodology by which containers can be compared on an objective one-to-one basis. The tests are intended to challenge the containers with forces that are related to the hazards present in t...

    Version: 3   Publication Date: Oct, 2015
  • Electronic Proof of Delivery Business Process Standard

    Product Code: XD-E-21-4

    Now in its fourth edition, the jointly developed Electronic Proof of Delivery Business Process Standard provides a common template for all carriers, manufacturers, and dealers to streamline processes related to dealer delivery, including expediting damage claims, liability payment accruals, and real-time accuracy of delivery data. Along with the ad...

    Version: 4   Publication Date: Jan, 2020
  • Finished Vehicle Logistics Quality Handling Manual

    Product Code: XD-M-23

    The AIAG Finished Vehicle Logistics Quality Handling Manual (developed in partnership with ECG, Association of European Vehicle Logistics), improves operations by reducing duplicated activities and provides a common vehicle handling guideline between the European Union and North America. Standardizing vehicle handling practices globally leads to a ...

    Version: 1   Publication Date: Jan, 1
  • Finished Vehicle Logistics Transportation Damage Handling

    Product Code: MD15-6-K

    Created and updated by the AIAG Damage Claims Work Group, the M-22 guideline provides standardization and clarity on a number of transportation industry processes. Now in its 6th edition, the document includes an all-new section on inspection verification, revised and reassigned damage codes, a complete revision to specifically identify and report ...

    Version: 6   Publication Date: Jun, 2023
  • FVL Battery Electric Vehicle Supply Chain Handling Guideline

    Product Code: XD-M-26

    The M-26 guideline was developed by the AIAG Battery Electric Vehicle Work Group to address the proper handling of battery electric vehicles (BEVs) by railroads, car haulers, yard managers, port processors, marine terminals, and 3PLs. Along with information on safety resources and government agencies to assist service/transportation providers in th...

    Version: 1   Publication Date: May, 2023
  • FVL Connected Vehicle Supply Chain Data Specifications

    Product Code: XD-M-25

    Developed by the AIAG Finished Vehicle Logistics (FVL) Connected Vehicle Work Group, this critical industry guidance provides best practices for supply chain reporting through the connected vehicle using common visibility event definitions as a model. The M-25 outlines the standard physical distribution event descriptions, definitions, and Cloud-ba...

    Version: 1   Publication Date: Apr, 2023
  • Global DELJIT Message (Just in Time Delivery)

    Product Code: XD-E-12

    Provides recommended business practices and technical guidelines for using the UN/EDIFACT DELJIT message. This global document was created as a joint effort of AIAG, JAMA/JAPIA and Odette.

    Version: 2   Publication Date: Jun, 2006
  • Global INVOIC Message (Invoice)

    Product Code: XD-E-14

    Global Invoice EDIFACT Guideline is a joint effort of AIAG, JAMA/JAPIA and Odette to elaborate a harmonized electronic invoice message as common standard for a global use in the automotive industry. Document provides recommended business practices and technical guidelines.

    Version: 1   Publication Date: Jun, 2002
  • Global Remittance Advice

    Product Code: XD-E-16

    A joint effort of AIAG, JAMA/JAPIA, and Odette to elaborate a harmonized electronic remittance advice message as common standard for a global use in the automotive industry.

    Version: 2   Publication Date: Dec, 2007
  • Global Transport Label Standard for the Automotive Industry

    Product Code: B-16

    Global automotive industry standard that describes the format for a common transport label design to facilitate the movement of goods and the exchange of data among all members of the supply chain.

    Version: 3   Publication Date: Nov, 2010
  • Guidelines for an Automotive Supply Chain Management

    Product Code: XD-M-17-2

    This joint AIAG/Odette publication contains operational guidelines for the development of an Automotive Supply Chain Management Agreement (ASCMA) to be used between parties in the global automotive industry. It includes recommendations for the format and content of a typical supply chain management agreement, as well as an explanation of the most i...

    Version: 2   Publication Date: Mar, 2022
  • Intercontinental Pallet Standard

    Product Code: XD-RC-12

    The International Pallet Standard maximizes efficiency and reduces costs for global supply chains, by minimizing the number of regional and international standard pallet sizes for disposable and re-usable packaging in use.

    Version: 1   Publication Date: Aug, 2018
  • Key Performance Indicators for Automotive Supply Chain

    Product Code: M-8-2

    Originally serving as a supplemental product to the Global MMOG/LE risk management tool, this recommendation defines standard key performance indicators (KPIs) for global supply chain management in the automotive industry. These common indicators not only align with the requirements of Global MMOG/LE, but also help facilitate greater understanding ...

    Version: 2   Publication Date: May, 2020
  • Packaging Data Form

    Product Code: RC-16

    Packaging Data Forms across various companies are somewhat similar yet all unique. This means suppliers fill out the same data over and over on each unique form. Various pieces of data needed for the forms can be stored in several different places so a lot of time is spent filling one out and often, within a few days, the same data is needed agai...

    Version: 1   Publication Date: Apr, 2014
  • Parts Identification & Tracking Application Standard

    Product Code: XD-B-4

    Outlines the symbologies recommended for automotive part identification and tracking. Recommends using the linear symbologies, Code 39 or Code 128, 2-D symbologies, Data Matrix or QR Code. Please note the 4th edition, 2nd printing incorporated revised references, updated links, and other minor edits to remove obsolete information or clarify existin...

    Version: 4th edition, 2nd printing   Publication Date: Oct, 2018
  • Port Quality Assessment (PQA) Tool

    Product Code: M-24

    Improve quality, prevent damage, and utilize a common standard with the Port Quality Assessment (PQA) tool. The PQA tool was developed to offer Finished Vehicle Logistics personnel a process to identify, record, and improve vehicle quality issues as the vehicle moves through any given port. Logistics service providers and manufacturers sharing com...

    Version: 1   Publication Date: Oct, 2016
  • Recommended Business Practice for Long Distance Supply Chain

    Product Code: M-20

    Recommended practices for managing the information driving long-distance supply chains.

    Version: 1   Publication Date: Nov, 2010
  • Returnable Containers Management Guideline

    Product Code: RC-5-2

    Considering using (more) returnable containers? This guideline provides extensive detail on managing a returnable container inventory required to transport a variety of materials through the supply chain. Beginning with a brief explanation of factors to consider when deciding between returnable, multi-use containers and expendable, single-use conta...

    Version: 2   Publication Date: Sep, 2019
  • Returnable Containers Transported by Truck

    Product Code: XD-RC-3

    These specifications define the overall dimensions, layout, sizes, materials and key features of the wheel shipping system. This wheel shipping system, referred to as the wheel pack, provides an alternative to the steel wheel rack.

    Version: 1   Publication Date: Oct, 1988
  • Returnable Transport Items Visibility Best Practices

    Product Code: XD-RC-17

    Traditional methods for tracking and controlling the flow and locations of returnable containers have not been robust enough to ensure that suppliers have the right amount of containers, at the right location, at the right time. The result is millions of dollars in extra packaging costs and increased waste in the supply chain. AIAG's Returnable ...

    Version: 1   Publication Date: Jan, 1
  • SCACTIL - Standard Carrier Alpha Code Trailer ID Label

    Product Code: XD-B-15

    Application standard defines specifications for printing and placing labels to automatically identify a freight carrier's trailer or van.

    Version: 1   Publication Date: May, 2010
  • Standardized Bill of Lading

    Product Code: M-15

    The objective of standardizing the Bill of Lading is to ensure that the shipper, the carrier, and the customer (the consignee) are all getting the information they need for the processing of the goods through the supply chain.

    Version: 1   Publication Date: Jan, 2008
  • Trading Partner Labels Implementation Guideline

    Product Code: B-10

    Describes the template for bar code labels on shipping containers - both unit loads and transport packages. Physical parameters of the symbols and labels are provided and a bar code quality level is specified.

    Version: 3   Publication Date: Jun, 2004
  • Using RFID, BLE, and LPWA Sensor Technology

    Product Code: RC-18

    Wireless sensor technology enables the identification of multiple objects in very short time - without direct line of sight - and enables bulk reading of tags. Wireless sensor technologies for purposes of these standards includes RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), and LPWAN Low Power Wide Area Network). Due to these ...

    Version: 1   Publication Date: Jul, 2021
  • USMCA: Supplier Content Reporting

    Product Code: TCPCW-7

    Effective July, 2020, the USMCA (The U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement) has replaced 1993 NAFTA agreement as the prevailing Free Trade Agreement between the (3) countries. Many rules have been completely modified and modernized, as well as the elimination of tracing, and the introduction of completely new concepts such as LVC - Labor Value Content requ...

    Version: 7   Publication Date: Aug, 2020
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