Last revised as of May 24, 2018

When we use words like “you,” your,” and “yours,” we mean the visitor to this website or any related site that we operate, as well as anyone who provides personal information to us.

When we say “AIAG” or “we” or “us” or similar words, we mean Automotive Industry Action Group, a Michigan nonprofit corporation.

This Privacy Policy applies to personal information that we collect through the website at or any subsidiary or affiliated website (each a “site”) or otherwise in the course of our operations.

We collect, use, and share information from and about you in order to offer and provide services described in one or more sites and/or other literature (the “Services”) and to operate our business.

What information does AIAG collect?

We collect information needed to set up or maintain your account, such as your name, address, e-mail address, username, password, preferences, and billing information.  We receive this information from you and/or your employer and we might supplement it with other information that we receive from other sources, such as directories and databases.  If a user or other person asks us to invite you to participate in the Services, we collect your contact information so that we can connect with you to offer the Services to you

We collect information about the device(s) you use to access a site, how you use the Services and your online activities over time and across different websites(s) including your IP address, device type, browser version, the pages you view, the searches you make, and your operating system.

All or part of the Service might allow signup and/or participation through third-party services. Where you sign up or participate through such a third-party service, we collect the information that the third-party service discloses at the time of your signup, agreement, or linking to the third-party service.

How does AIAG use the information that it collects?

We use the information:

  • To provide Services to you;
  • To maintain and update the Services;
  • To communicate with you about your account or the Services;
  • To evaluate use of the Services;
  • To perform research, including, but not limited to, market research;
  • To improve the Services;
  • To prevent and detect fraud or misuse of the site(s), the Services and/or our other resources;
  • For any use that’s required by law, including, but not limited to, by subpoenas or court orders; and
  • To provide offers for products or services that might interest you.

In addition to the above uses, we may use information for any purpose or share it with anyone if we anonymize it so that it no longer identifies you.

With whom does AIAG share information?

We share information:

  • With other users of the Services so that you and they can participate in the Services;
  • With third parties as part of our delivery of the Services;
  • With third parties who help us to run our business, such as service providers;
  • With third parties who exhibit at or sponsor specific events;
  • With your employer or sponsor where you sign up for training or other services and your employer or sponsor wishes to monitor your progress or attendance;
  • With third parties with whom we do joint marketing;
  • As and if required to comply with legal requests or to protect your rights or the rights of others; and
  • According to the consent stated in the next section.

If we ever transferred or consolidated our operations, we would transfer the information that we had collected to the transferee so that it could carry on these operations.

We may also share your information with anyone if we anonymize it so that it no longer identifies you.

What consents are you giving when you submit personal information to AIAG through a site or another resource?

By submitting your personal information in connection with a transaction or the use of this site or other resource, you are consenting and agreeing to the following things.

1.   AIAG may process your personal information in the United States or in such other location(s) as AIAG reasonably deems appropriate and AIAG may move that information from one place to another, including, but not limited to, into or, out of, places in which the law regarding personal information that applies in your current or home jurisdiction do not apply.

2.   AIAG may process your personal information for the purposes of answering your request, providing the goods, services, and/or software that you have ordered (or that have been ordered on your behalf), and communicating with you about such matters, goods, services, and/or software or similar matters, goods, services, and/or software.

3.   Where the circumstances associated with your provision of your personal information indicate that ongoing communication is requested or contemplated (such as, but not limited to, when you sign up for a newsletter, event updates, or similar communications), AIAG may process your personal information for such purposes within the reasonable scope of the kinds of contemplated communications.

4.   Where AIAG’s contemplated use of your personal information reasonably involves provision of that personal information to third parties, AIAG may provide such personal information to those third parties and the third parties may process your personal information for the contemplated purposes. Examples include, but are not limited to, (a) providing records associated with your credentialing, attendance, or training to your employer or others having a legitimate interest in your credentials, attendance, or training or (b) providing registration information to a hotel or other vendor in the case of a conference or event.

5.   Where you provide your personal information in connection with an in-person or remote presentation, webinar, conference, program, or event, AIAG may provide that personal information to other attendees, presenters, vendors, speakers, and others associated with that event in the form of an attendee list with contact information, or other appropriate compilation of information. One or more of those parties may use such information to contact you about their goods and/or services.

6.   Where you have provided personal information as a representative of an organization or another person, you represent and warrant that you have the full authority to provide to us all personal information that you have provided and to consent and agree to all of the above things.

This consent is in addition to consent to the other collection, use, sharing, and other matters contained in this Privacy Policy.

A Note about the AIAG eCommunity

The AIAG eCommunity provides members and others opportunities to collaborate in online and other work groups.

In the course of participating in eCommunity activities, you might have access to the personal information of other participants.  You must use such personal information only for the purposes of participating in the AIAG-sanctioned activity within the eCommunity and you must not provide any personal information of any other participant to any non-participant. Please note that forwarding Outlook appointments to non-participants effectively provides the personal information of all invitees to the person to whom you forward the appointment.

Likewise, participating in the eCommunity means that your personal information will be available to other participants who will use it for the purposes of participating in eCommunity projects and related matters on the same basis as explained above. Without limiting anything in the section titled “With whom does AIAG share information?” you consent to this sharing by other members of the eCommunity.

What choices do I have about how my information is used and shared?

We try to limit the collection, use, and sharing of information to just that information that we need for the purposes identified in this Privacy Policy.  Accordingly, there’s not much use or sharing that we can restrict without the solution being to just discontinue the use of the Service. You can ask us to not use or share certain information, or to refrain from marketing to you, by contacting us using the information in the section entitled “Contact Us” We’ll tell you about your options.

How does AIAG communicate with me?

We may contact you about goods or services that might be of interest to you, about your account, or the Services using postal mail, telephone calls, e-mail, text messages, or other electronic messages using any electronic address you have provided to us.

You can manage your communication preferences by contacting us using the information in the section entitled “Contact Us“.

Do I have different rights if I’m a resident of California?

Your California Privacy Rights: If you’re a California resident, California privacy law requires that we give you specific disclosures about our privacy practices, including telling you about the information we share with other third parties for their marketing purposes. You can request this information by contacting us using the information in the section entitled “Contact Us”.

How does AIAG safeguard my information?

We use technical, administrative, and physical safeguards designed to help protect your information from loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, destruction, or theft.

If we transfer your information to a third-party service provider, we will contractually require any such service provider to maintain similar technical, physical and administrative safeguards.

How long does AIAG keep my information?

We keep the information that we collect until we no longer need the information in order to provide the Services to you, conduct our operations, enable us to communicate with you, or satisfy our legal or contractual obligations.  After that, we destroy the information or anonymize it.

Does AIAG use cookies or other tracking techniques?

Yes.  We use cookies and other methods on one or more sites to provide offers (by us or third parties) to you, to personalize the content, and to analyze and manage your user experience. For example, we might use cookies and/or other tracking devices to tell us the time and length of your visit, the pages you look at on a site, the website you visited just before coming to a site, the name of your Internet service provider, and similar information.

Some cookies exist only during a particular session and some are persistent over multiple sessions.

We may use advertising service providers to serve our advertisements on other websites that you visit. In serving our advertisements, these companies may use cookies and other tracking devices to collect information about your visits to other websites.  We use this information to evaluate advertising campaigns and/or to tailor promotions and other marketing messages.

You can set your web browser to reject cookies.  Each browser is different, so you should check your browser’s “Help” menu to learn how to change your cookie preferences.  If you reject or block cookies, the site(s) might not function as intended. 

Other online companies might use cookies or other methods on a site to collect information about your online activities over time and across different websites and services.  Depending on those companies’ policies, you might be able to exercise choices about those practices.  You can get more information about those choices at and

We don’t read or respond to “do not track” settings in browsers or similar hardware or software.  Although some browsers have a “do not track” setting, there’s no consensus in the industry as to what that flag means or what we’re supposed to do about it. Many or most websites and similar services ignore the “do not track” flag for this reason and, until there’s a better consensus, we’re taking that approach.  If you select the “do not track” option, it will not change what information is exchanged with your computer or other device, or how that information is used.

How are changes to this Privacy Policy handled?

If we change this Privacy Policy, we’ll post the revised Privacy Policy on the privacy portion of our website at We’ll post the revised Privacy Policy a reasonable amount of time ahead of when it will become effective.  If you don’t want to continue under the revised Privacy Policy, you can terminate the Service and the revised Privacy Policy won’t apply.  If you continue with the Service and don’t terminate, the new Privacy Policy will apply to you.

Please note that the privacy practices of third-party service providers like LinkedIn change over time.  If you signed up for the Service through one of those services or linked your use of the Service to the services of one or more of those third-party service providers, you should check their Privacy Policies and terms of service frequently to that you’re aware of any changes.

How do I contact AIAG?

Automotive Industry Action Group
4400 Town Center
Southfield, Michigan 48075 USA

USA: (248) 358-3003
International: +1 (877) 275-2424