Future Automotive Experts

Future Automotive Expert (FAE) Events

AIAG's FAE program is a series of events that are geared toward new professionals who have recently joined the auto industry.

Each FAE event is structured to help transfer knowledge and expertise from the current generation of industry leaders to next generation in a 45 minute presentation format followed by Q & A. After the presentation, stick around to continue the conversation with your peers and industry experts in an informal networking session.

“There was value in the speaker’s ability to discuss issues my company faces daily in quality planning and problem solving.” –Prior FAE Attendee

FAE events are free for members. If you aren’t sure if you are a member contact member services to find out. AIAG memberships are corporate so if your company is a member you are too.

Event topics are selected by your peers and cover information every automotive expert needs to know.  The topics will broaden your understanding of the industry and its complexities and interconnections.

“Building relationships with peers is always beneficial. It’s a small world!” –Prior FAE Attendee

Check our events below to find out what our next great FAE event will be. We hope to see you there!

Event sponsorship is also available for these events, if interested, please contact us!