Web Accounts and Membership Application

What is a Free Web Account at AIAG.org?

If you are looking to make purchases at the AIAG store, view your eDocuments, eLearning courses and Webinars, then an AIAG.org Free Web Account is just what you need. This account will give you a username and password so you can log in to the AIAG.org site and do everything you need to. To sign up for your account, just click the orange button above. Please keep in mind that this is not the same thing as an AIAG Corporate Membership. If you think that might be what you are looking for, please read below.

What is an AIAG Corporate Membership?

An AIAG Corporate Membership is your gateway to everything AIAG has to offer. It comes with discounts for many of our publications and training courses as well as the opportunity to volunteer in AIAG workgroups, giving you and your organization a voice in solving many of the issues facing today's Automotive Industry. To start the membership process, click the blue button to complete an application!

Is My Company Already an AIAG Member Company?

You could very well be! Our rapidly growing membership today includes over 3,600 companies all throughout the automotive supply chain. You can find by using our Member Company Search feature on our Member Companies page.

Just keep in mind, that even if you organization is already an AIAG Member Company, you still need a Free Web Account to get in on the action and get access to all of your AIAG needs!