Contingency and Emergency Planning: Navigating Challenges and Building Future Resilience in 2023 and Beyond

AIAG offers proven industry best practices, standards, assessments and basic training for Quality, Supply Chain Management and Corporate Responsibility.

Contingency and emergency planning can be challenging. From supply chain disruptions and labor shortages, to natural disasters and health and safety issues, it’s critical to have a reliable course of action to respond – and recover – when unexpected events interfere with operations.

Not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered! Check out the following resources for assessing and improving your team’s capabilities, mitigating risk, and more, and start planning for tomorrow's challenges today. 

In 2023 and beyond, turn these challenges into strengths.

Confront your challenges head on – Access critical industry tools and strengthen your organization today.

Quality Core Tools Knowledge Badge

Start with our Core Tools Self-Assessment to begin your journey to earn your Quality Core Tools Knowledge Badge

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Business Continuity Planning Toolkit


This document covers many types of business disruptions and covers production restart practices.

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Access critical tools and resources to mitigate cyber risk and help keep your systems secure.

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Best Practices for Responding to Supply Chain Disruptions

Developed by Industry volunteers, steps a supplier should do, check or consider in the event of a work stoppage.

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(MMOG/LE) Global Materials Management Operations Guideline

A supplier self assessment and continuous improvement tool that improves materials management.

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Materials Management and Logistics Knowledge Assessment

Assess your knowledge in Automotive Customs, Trade, Logistics, Inventory Management & more.

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Supply Chain Sustainability Knowledge Assessment

Designed to help on-board staff assigned to champion their company's sustainability efforts.

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Global Supplier Visibility Map

Helps you manage supply chain risk by letting you easily search the location of suppliers.

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AIAG "Available Now Webinars"

AIAG’s 'Available Now' webinars feature industry experts speaking on topics that shape the industry landscape.

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Additional AIAG Resources:

Core Tools Support™ (CTS) Software – This cloud-based solution for authoring and managing FMEA, Control Plan and PPAP documents allows concurrent, global access. Always make sure you and your team are using the latest information.

Live Virtual Training - Combining the best of online and traditional face-to-face learning, AIAG Live Virtual Workshops use web-based technologies to bring you together with your industry peers and our experienced instructors in an interactive learning environment.

Pandemic Preparedness and Response Plan (OHS-6) - Addresses unique Business Continuity plans and practices related to pandemic disruptions.