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State of the Industry SAQ "Quantify the Burden on Industry

Course Code: W24SSAQ04

Due in part to growing global legislation, regulations, and customer specific requirements, requests for supplier data have reached an all-time high, driving verification, reporting, and compliance activities for ESG, chemical regulatory, and financial viability issues.

Since these requests are often quite broad and require substantial time to complete on a regular basis, they represent an unsustainable burden on the supply chain. Suppliers unable to maintain the pace and flow of information pose a potential risk to customers due to a lack of desired transparency, and "scope creep" has led to redundant activities that waste supplier resources (e.g., time, cost, staff) and strain relations.

The first step in managing these issues is to quantify the present state of data collection tools and identify the landscape of tools currently used by industry. By conducting this analysis, we will identify opportunities for simplification and provide insight on duplicative company activities.

Focusing on our recent State of the Industry Survey, this webinar with AIAG Vice President of Corporate Social Responsibility and Supply Chain Products and Services Tanya Bolden will highlight survey observations and key concerns drawn from a broad industry demographic.

Approx. Run time: 25:16 minutes

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