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AIAG provides a unique platform for OEMs, suppliers, government, and academia to collaborate on harmonized global standards and business practices that streamline the movement of product and data throughout the supply chain.

AIAG was founded by Ford, Chrysler, and General Motors in 1982 as a not-for-profit organization designed to solve the industry’s pain points through collaboration – so AIAG is the industry – and there is no substitute. 

It’s time to think ahead.

Putting out fires every day is noble work – if you’re a firefighter. But if you’re an automotive professional trying to secure the future of your business, you’ve got to look beyond what’s demanding your attention today and plan for what’s coming up ahead.

AIAG is where the industry takes action – and today, the strategy behind that action is risk mitigation. No organization works harder than AIAG to lower your company’s risks associated with supply chain interruptions, quality issues, and corporate responsibility.

A Voice in the Industry Business Processes

Only AIAG members get a seat at the table when industry standards, guidelines, and processes are developed and debated.

There’s no better way to find solutions to your pain points than by interacting with the industry’s best thinkers and problem solvers at the top of their game – and you’ll find these people volunteering on AIAG’s project teams and work groups every day.

Access to Solutions Created by the Industry

Only AIAG members enjoy significant discounts on AIAG publications, Core Tool documents, training, events, technology rollouts, and a variety of free online e-documents, assessments and e-Learning to address your specific challenges. To learn more about what AIAG has to offer and why it is useful, check out the Roadmap and learn how to Navigate AIAG Deliverables

Calculate how much poor quality is costing your company, access free Core Tools Overview eLearning, gain chemical awareness, understand the latest developments on conflict minerals requirements, start your succession planning, benchmark what other industry leaders and competitors are doing in corporate responsibility, and much more.

Results that Build your Business

You and your business thrive on contacts and connections. AIAG gets you in the room with the people who can help your company and your career.  Members connect, build networks, and learn in meetings, forums, work groups, small focused events and large events where experts share the latest information impacting the industry today.

Get in on what’s happening. Preparedness will save you money.

Give your industry one year of support by joining AIAG today. 

You win. Your company wins. Your industry wins.

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