3D Model Technical Data Package Exchange

The Automotive Industry's current methods of sharing product design information generates waste by requiring suppliers to adopt unique product design systems, data formats and information standards for each OEM as the OEM(s) require product designs to be completed in their specified format.  Suppliers, especially at the tier one level, must convert information to a usable format for their internal and/or downstream suppliers' operations while operating multiple independent, internal design environments to accommodate each customer's specific digital requirements.

Design records and specifications that are integral components of part prints are not adequately packaged with the master math data.  Customers experience risk that their intended design, including design data and design notes, is not accurately translated by the supplier, causing product quality issues either in the field or during assembly.  Additionally, customers experience increased design costs and/or slower timing due to the dedicated resources required to handle their unique design and data requirements and operating systems.  These scenarios add costs, complexity, delay and potentially diminished product quality while increasing the risk of error due to additional data translations and/or multiple customer specific operating systems. 

3D Model Technical Data Package (TDP) Exchange Work Group

AIAG’s 3D Model Technical Data Package (TDP) Exchange Guideline Work Group is working to deliver a product design information exchange guideline for design data sharing and collaboration between supplier and customers, allowing the relay of all necessary design information accurately and reducing the data exchange cycle time between organizations.   The information exchanged includes (not exclusively) math data, design records, and design specifications.

The Work Group is analyzing the “pain points” and design requirements for the participating OEM(s) and suppliers to identify common industry problems and best practices, ensuring the guideline satisfies industry requirements.

These companies are participating in this work group:


Current Participants

  • Action Engineering, LLC
  • Adient
  • Anark Corporation
  • DENSO International
  • Elysium, Inc.
  • Ford
  • Litens Automotive Group
  • Magna International Inc.
  • Nissan Group of North America

This work group needs your help!

The 3D Model TDP Exchange Guideline Work Group is looking for sub-tier suppliers to participate in the program by providing their “pain points” and participate in designing a solution that improves the Technical Data Package exchange process.

E‑mail us your Technical Data Package exchange process "pain points"!

Program Management: Quality Team - (248) 358-3570